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The Future of MRI Technology

Providing an accurate diagnosis for certain ailments can be tricky and it’s a pressure felt by all MRI specialists, as getting it wrong can have some catastrophic consequences.

Traditional MRI Scanners and Their Issues


The problem with traditional MRI scanners is that they can often cause your patient undue stress and anxiety. Let’s face it, laying down in a tube with a huge hunk of machinery above your head can be a little daunting and can even become a little claustrophobic.

This can actually cause your patient’s muscles to tense up and create an untrue picture of the muscle and bone formation on the scanned images. This may even cause you to make an incorrect diagnosis.

When the patient is in a horizontal position, this also paints a different picture of the head position and takes away strain from the neck and spinal cord. Again, this might make it even more difficult to diagnose the issue.

For these reasons, traditional MRI scanners just aren’t up to the task in the modern era.

The Pros of Upright MRI Scanning


Because of the issues caused by traditional scanners, a new, upright design has been created to scan for problems such as CCJ or CM, which need an accurate picture of the bone and muscle tensions around the base of the skull and top of the spinal column.

The upright Scanner is ideal for an MRI back scan and provides a far more comfortable user experience compared with a conventional MRI scanner. It’s been created specifically to benefit both medical professionals and their patients when it comes to a smooth MRI process.

  • Accurate Positioning

The upright positioning of the MRI scanner provides a booth-like machine that your patient will sit in. This allows for the neck and head to be in the same positions as they would naturally when the problem their experiencing is most prominent.

Showing the neck and head as they are in an upright position places the tension and stress in the right places to accurately diagnose the problem.

  • Anxiety Free

Your patients won’t feel as vulnerable with all that machinery standing above them. They are more likely to relax and allow the scanner to do its job, making your life a little easier too.

  • Space Saving

An upright MRI scanner can actually save you a ton of space as the technology is all included in a vertical storage solution. It allows you to perform the exact same medical procedures, without taking up a full surgery.

  • Faster Diagnosis

Because your data and scans are likely to be much more accurate, you’ll get to the root of the problem much faster, meaning your patients will be able to get the treatment they need.

The Deerfield MRI Scanner


The first upright MRI scanners were created in 1996 but have come on leaps and bounds since then. CEO Dr. Fox supports the top of the range Deerfield MRI Scanner. He states:

“We have new protocols in place in order to find these painful conditions which would otherwise leave the patient and physician perplexed.”

It has already helped hundreds of physicians accurately diagnose CCJ and CM along with other serious medical conditions and has helped patients to overcome their fear of MRI scans.

To get your hands on a Deerfield, you can give us a call at 847-291-9321, visit or write to:

Upright MRI of Deerfield

457 Lake Cook Road (Deerfield Park Plaza)


Illinois 60015

Or just take a browse through the website at www.uprightmrideerfield.com for further information.

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