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Expanding Oriental Rug Gallery Finally Hits New York

Expanding Oriental Rug Gallery Finally Hits New York

Located in Alexandria VA, the J&J Oriental Rug Gallery owned and managed by Joshua Nabatkhorian has recently expanded its operation into New York City. The new premises is now able to house more amazing and unique rugs, offer a larger restoring and cleaning space to help more customers maintain their rug investments and has a larger parking lot for people who just want to browse.

Oriental and Persian rugs add a little extra to any home with their colorful designs and high-quality materials. They could even be seen as an investment opportunity if you keep the rug in great condition.

Mr. Nabatkhorian says “you’d be surprised at how many people actually already have Persian or oriental rugs in their homes. We have customers from the Pentagon and in the military who contact us specifically to clean and repair their antique rugs.”

The recent expansion has allowed for a larger courier service to and from the gallery, meaning that rugs can be transported and repaired from all over the world. All repairs and cleaning are carried out by professionals in-house and J&Js can even give a quote on potential work that needs to be carried out to restore the rug remotely using photographs alone.

The owner talks about his experience and heritage when it comes to rug making and restoring rugs; “Our business is family run with five generations of intricate rug restoration with fine silks and high-quality wool weaving and hand-knotting. Our original store in Alexandria, Virginia began in 1978 when our roots in Isfahan, Iran and our skills and expertise with Persian and oriental rug making pushed us to help others maintain their beautiful rugs as pieces of art.”

Today J&Js is known across the U.S. I Virginia, Washington and now in New York, but offers pick up, drop off and transportation services to ensure that all rugs can be neatly restored in their own workshops.

The Oriental rug gallery offers free rug evaluations and appraisals for up to $50, giving you a professional opinion on your rug’s condition and worth. They can also assist with insurance claims, should your valuable rug become a victim of accidental damage. The professional cleaning and restoring services are designed to encourage people to purchase older, second-hand rugs which may otherwise be forgotten. Actually, a professionally restored rug could be worth much more than a new one.

If you have an oriental or Persian rug and would like a free, no obligation evaluation, or a cleaning service, the J&Js is the place to go, no matter where you are in the world.

To find out more information, visit the J&J Oriental Rug Gallery website here: https://jjrug.com/

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