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About On Trac Media News

On Trac Media News was formed in the early 2020’s as a direct result of the involvement of our founder, James Parnell.

James started out in business as a salesman working in the electronic security sector for a firm in the UK back in the 1980s. James was a successful representative for a number of companies that he worked for in those days.

This was all prior to the huge benefits that we have with online media and issued resources and potential that online media and news can provide.

James realised that the Internet would be the dawn of a massive breakthrough for businesses to announce important and even essential information to its customer base and prospects.

It is with this passion that James decided to launch his own media outlets of which On Trac Media News is one.

This online business news publication is here to assist local and national businesses to communicate and provide resource and information to its potential customer base.

Any business is welcome to publish their news article on this website.

On Trac Media News